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Untitled Fanventure is an ongoing multi-media webcomic featuring "traditional" static comic pages, animations, and an original soundtrack. The comic is set in the universe of Homestuck by Andrew Hussie and uses the prior webcomic's worldbuilding and themes as a springboard to develop its own literary identity with a new cast of characters.

Untitled Fanventure tells the tale of a group of teenagers, friends and strangers alike, seeking to define themselves in a society of slow but significant change. It also, like Homestuck, questions the metaphysics of fiction and examines the relationship between fan works and their predecessors.


Refuge is a graphic short story following a sickly coyote as it searches for shelter in a war-ravaged wasteland. The comic explores humanity's impact on our surrounding evironment, both built and natural, particularly through the use of nuclear weaponry.

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